Retained EU Law and potential changes to domestic legislation

28 March 2023

In order to avoid disruption as a result of its exit from the European Union, the UK converted EU law to domestic law, known as retained EU law (REUL). The Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill currently making its way through Parliament in Westminster, aims to remove such retained law from the statute by the tenth anniversary of the Brexit referendum (23rd June 2026), converting those deemed necessary and removing the remainder. In its current form, the Bill intends to remove all legislation unless it is explicitly saved by Ministers by the end of 2023. As such the UK Government plans to review the estimated 2,400 pieces of REUL with the Devolved Governments ahead of the end of 2023 in order to decide what to keep, reform or remove.

We will be paying close attention to this work and engaging with our partners across the UK to ensure the safety of people with coeliac disease is maintained. With regards to UK Food Safety Regulations in particular we are aware of the programme of work the FSA are undertaking to review Retained EU Law alongside Food Standards Scotland and FSA Wales, in order to advise UK Government, Welsh Government and Scottish Government on how to incorporate and therefore safeguard important rules on food safety in the UK within domestic legislation. We will engage fully with this work and be sure to keep you updated of any developments.

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