Food safety scheme helps build customer trust and loyalty

22 February 2023

We are delighted to be celebrating 10 years of our Gluten Free Accreditation Scheme, with the mission to guarantee that gluten free food being served in catering establishments in the UK is safe and abides by Regulation (EU) No 828/2014.

Prior to the launch no such scheme existed, but now there are around 3,000 accredited establishments in the UK, including restaurants, hospitals, schools and takeaways.

The Gluten Free Accreditation Scheme reassures safe delivery of gluten free food for the whole gluten free community, helping establishments to meet the increasing customer demand for medically required dietary needs. The Gluten Free Accreditation symbol automatically tells customers that an establishment is safe – building trust, loyalty and driving new visitors.

According to a recent Coeliac UK poll, 96% said their gluten free needs, or a member of their party’s, determines where they eat out to ensure the food establishment will meet their dietary requirements. In addition, 97% said that when they’ve found a gluten free venue they trust, it becomes a preferred place to visit.

With some existing accredited partners reporting a 10-12% increase in business levels and a meal out costing on average of £10-£22 per person, there is great potential for increased revenue for food and catering businesses across the UK.

Another benefit of the accreditation scheme is access to Coeliac UK’s online training courses for staff, which covers clarity on the law for allergens and gluten free food preparation, serving customers and menu labelling. This training equips food establishments to deliver a safe dining experience, while instilling confidence and trust in their customers.

We developed the Gluten Free Accreditation Scheme on peer-reviewed research and have established a rigorous process to ensure establishments adhere to best practice for safe gluten free catering. The following illustrates the process to achieve the accreditation:

GFA Audit











We have made the scheme as accessible as possible by offering a scalable annual accreditation fee, to help even small independents offer safe gluten free food.

You can find out more about the benefits of our Gluten Free Accreditation Scheme for your business and customers here or get in touch with a member of our team here.

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