Gluten free product certification

  • Gain a competitive market edge by certifying your products gluten free.
  • Use the internationally recognised Crossed Grain symbol to quickly identify your products have gluten free certification.
  • There are two different types of certification depending on where you sell your products: Europe (for UK and Europe sales) and Global (for sales outside Europe).
  • To be certified you must test all of the products you wish to certify at least once annually using a UKAS or equivalently accredited laboratory.
  • All certification also requires an annual audit of your production facilities.
  • The certification is only suitable for multiple ingredient and/or processed products.

The Crossed Grain symbol gluten free product certification is nationally and internationally recognised by those who need to follow a gluten free diet as it is promoted by coeliac organisations worldwide. The symbol represents a sign of safety and integrity that is known and trusted by consumers. It is recognised by Members of Coeliac UK and a high proportion of non-coeliac, but gluten intolerant consumers and plays an important role in influencing those making gluten free product choices.

In an environment where food labels and legislative changes can be bewildering for someone on a gluten free diet, the Crossed Grain symbol has proven to provide consumers with a quick reference point when faced with uncertainty on the gluten status of a product.

A recent Coeliac UK Membership survey indicated that Members actively seek out the Crossed Grain symbol as a source of trust and reassurance when making product choices. The symbol is seen as the most important means of communicating that a product is safe for the gluten free diet.

Product certification gives manufacturers and retailers a distinct commercial advantage in this growing and competitive market.

What consumers think of the Crossed Grain symbol gluten free product certification

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Benefits of Crossed Grain symbol gluten free product certification

  • Licence to use the Crossed Grain symbol on all approved product packaging, marketing, website, point of sales and promotions.
  • Ability to use approved promotional phrases in all marketing communications and on product packaging.
  • A 5% discount on all Coeliac UK advertising (not to be used in conjunction with any other discount).
  • Inclusion of all products in the Coeliac UK Food and Drink Directory, electronic Food and Drink Directory and smartphone app (if products are available in the UK).
  • Inclusion of company details on the Coeliac UK website under Companies using the Crossed Grain symbol.
  • Announcement of gluten free certification on our social media channels.
  • Certificate of licence.
  • Opportunities to be included in a variety of marketing and networking activities undertaken by Coeliac UK where available and applicable.

The Certification process

The Crossed Grain symbol is a registered trademark and the intellectual property of Coeliac UK. The symbol has been registered as a trademark internationally. The registrations have been in place for many years and cover a broad range of food, drink and related categories. The symbol can only be used under licence on food and drink products that meet our criteria.

There are two different types of Crossed Grain symbol gluten free product certification: Europe and Global. Our certification packs will help you to choose the correct type of certification and explain the application process in full. There is a certification pack for UK companies, for European companies (excluding the UK) and for non-European companies.

The certification lasts for a full year from the date that the certification is taken out. We charge an annual certification fee which varies according to the turnover and exports of the gluten free products listed in the certification. Additional products can be added to the certification at any stage throughout the year without any additional charges. 

To apply for a Crossed Grain symbol licence, please complete and return the relevant application form: UK application form, Danish application form, Greek application form, Maltese application form, Portuguese application form, non-European company application form.

Products that can be certified

To use the Crossed Grain symbol, your products must meet a range of criteria to ensure that they are gluten free, both in terms of the ingredients and the production process. To be certified you will need to test all of your products using a UKAS or equivalently accredited laboratory.  You can find an accredited laboratory on the UKAS website. You will also need to have your production facility/facilities audited. The currently accepted audits are: BRC with Additional module 12 or a standalone audit to the AOECS Standard for gluten free foods. The full details of the criteria for licensing the Crossed Grain symbol can be found in our certification packs. You can find out more about the analysis and auditing requirements here.  

Crossed Grain symbol gluten free product certification is only for multiple ingredient and/or processed products. Products cannot be certified if they are composed of a single ingredient or are unprocessed in nature. For example, fresh fruit and vegetables cannot be certified as they are naturally gluten free; but fruit bars can be certified as they have undergone a process which may hold a risk for gluten contamination. For a full list of products that are not permitted to display the Crossed Grain symbol please see appendix one of the certification packs.

To find out more about Crossed Grain symbol gluten free product certification please contact our Commercial Team.