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Research Conference 2020 - Coeliac disease; potential to refractory and everything in between

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, we made the difficult decision to cancel our face to face Research Conference, ‘Coeliac disease; potential to refractory and everything in between’ and instead, provide the content digitally.

Click here to download the 2020 conference brochure.

We are very grateful to the speakers who gave their presentations remotely so that we could share the following talks with you:

Jeremy Woodward RC2020Dr Jeremy Woodward 

'Potential' coeliac disease - Doctor, have I got it or not?



Frederico Biagi RC2020Dr Federico Biagi 

Negative serology; to refer or not to refer? Is that the question? 



Katharina Scherf RC2020Prof Katharina Scherf  

Is modern wheat really 'Frankenwheat'?