Dr Annabel David, Oxford Children’s Hospital & Dr Sophie Velleman, Bristol Royal Hospital for Children Psychosocial wellbeing and coeliac disease

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This presentation provides an overview of psychosocial wellbeing and coeliac disease. Dr Sophie Velleman shares a service evaluation which improved understanding of children and adolescents experiences of gastroenterology clinics and their experiences of adjustment to diagnosis of coeliac disease and the gluten free diet. Dr Annabel David shares research exploring barriers to disclosing psychological difficulties to healthcare professionals among young people with coeliac disease. Alongside these research updates, Sophie and Annabel share recommendations to support patients to discuss psychosocial difficulties, screening questionnaires and referral to psychological services and the role of Clinical Psychologists.


Dr Annabel David 

Dr Annabel David is a Senior Clinical Psychologist working in the Paediatric Gastroenterology Service at the Oxford Children’s Hospital. Her clinical and research interests focus on the impact living with chronic health conditions has on young people and their families, and improving access to high quality, effective, and acceptable psychological interventions.

Dr Sophie Velleman 

Sophie VellemanDr Sophie Velleman is a Specialist Clinical Psychologist working in the Psychological Health Services at the Bristol Royal Hospital for Children.

In 2020, Dr Velleman joined Coeliac UK's Health Advisory Council, a group of expert healthcare professionals who advise the Board of Governors on scientific and health issues.