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Research Conference 2021 - Coeliac disease; beyond 2020, what lies ahead?

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on diagnosis and management of coeliac disease and raised many questions around health and wellbeing for people with coeliac disease. 2020 saw the introduction of a no-biopsy diagnosis pathway for adults and dietetic clinics had to rapidly transition to a digital format. This conference provides the opportunity for reflection and to consider what the future holds for diagnosis and management of coeliac disease.

The videos will be available to watch in May and you can register now to be the first to hear when the videos are available.


  • Prof Frits Koning - Why coeliac disease, and why me? Could bacteria be a trigger for coeliac disease?
  • Dr Valentina Discepalo - Viruses as a trigger for coeliac disease
  • Prof Jonas Ludvigsson - Infection, mortality and severity of Covid-19 in coeliac disease
  • Associate Prof Jason Tye-Din - Hyposplenism and coeliac disease
  • Dr Iain Croall - Cognition and coeliac disease: all in the mind?
  • Dr Yvonne Jeanes RD, Nick Trott RD and Cristian Costas RD - Dietetic outcomes in coeliac disease
  • Roslyn Yuill RD - The Scottish Coeliac Disease Pathway, what has changed due to Covid-19? 
  • Dr Helen Gillett - No biopsy diagnosis in adult coeliac disease
  • Dr Geraint Preest - A GP's perspective: Coeliac disease – so many patients, so little time...
  • Dr Penny Whiting - What is the optimum strategy for identifying adults and children with coeliac disease? An evidence synthesis approach