Research Conference 2022 Coeliac disease, new developments and implications for practice

We’re delighted to return with our annual research conference, bringing you the latest updates in research into coeliac disease and the gluten free diet.

This year, hear from international experts to help you support and manage patients with coeliac disease, including updates from three Coeliac UK funded research projects. The talks are available now for you to watch at the links below. 


Dr Elizabeth SoilleuxDr Elizabeth Soilleux

Browsing the diagnostics menu for gluten: a better test for coeliac disease?



Dr Laila TataDr Laila Tata

Has the incidence of coeliac disease in the UK changed over the past 20 years and what is the prevalence in 2020?


Dr Jim DenholmDr Elizabeth Soilleux & Dr Jim Denholm

Computer vision diagnosis of coeliac disease



Dr Katharina ScherfProf Katharina Scherf 

Challenges and outstanding questions in gluten analysis



Dr Annalisa SchiepattiDr Annalisa Schiepatti

Seronegative coeliac disease: a real world overview of long-term outcomes   



Dr Luca ElliDr Luca Elli

Monitoring coeliac disease, the role of serology



Dr Laura KiveläDr Laura Kivelä

Long term health in coeliac disease patients diagnosed in childhood



Dr Imran AzizDr Imran Aziz

Functional Gastrointestinal Disorders (FGIDs) and coeliac disease



Sophie VellemanDr Sophie Velleman & Dr Annabel David

Psychosocial wellbeing and coeliac disease