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Once diagnosed with coeliac disease, management involves adherence to a strict, lifelong gluten-free diet.

In this section you can find checklists for newly diagnosed patients and annual review patients, information on managing the nutritional status of your patients as well as information on associated conditions and complications.

Factors affecting adherence

Adherence to the diet is influenced by a number of factors including accurate information about the diet and the availability, access and cost of gluten-free foods. It is important that a dietitian is available to provide individual assessment and advice especially for children and patients with complications, associated conditions and additional dietary needs.

NICE recommends considering the need for specialist dietetic and nutritional advice as part of the annual review and to refer to a medical practitioner (GP or consultant) if concerns are raised in the review.

Guidelines for management of coeliac disease

The following guidelines are available on the management of coeliac disease:

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