• Once diagnosed with coeliac disease, information about the gluten free diet and how to follow it is essential. Dietitians are best placed to provide dietary education and Coeliac UK's checklist for new patients can help ensure everything is covered
  • While your patients are waiting for their dietitian appointment, you can refer them to to watch four short videos on the basics of the gluten free diet
  • Follow up is important to ensure adherence to the gluten free diet, monitoring of symptoms and assessment of complications of coeliac disease 
  • Certain vaccinations are recommended for people with coeliac disease due to a higher prevalence of hyposplenism in coeliac disease
  • People with coeliac disease should be offered an annual review and Coeliac UK's annual review checklist can help guide you when reviewing patients


Guidelines for management of coeliac disease

The following guidelines are available on the management of coeliac disease:

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