About us

Coeliac UK is the charity for people who need to live without gluten

For over 50 years we've been helping people with coeliac disease and other gluten related conditions live happier, healthier lives. We do this by striving for better gluten free food in more places, providing independent, trustworthy advice and support to our community, and funding crucial research to not only manage the impacts of gluten, but also find the answers to coeliac disease.

And we do it all so that one day, no one's life will be limited by gluten

Currently in the UK, around 500,000 people are living with distressing symptoms that affect their everyday life. Simple activities like food shopping or grabbing a sandwich on the go become a daily chore when you can’t eat gluten. And those important milestones like holidays and family meals can feel like a lottery with the worry of finding safe food or being labelled fussy or a picky eater by those who assume gluten free is a fad and not a medical necessity.

Imagine struggling to find bread that won’t make you ill or not being able to meet up with friends for a meal because the chosen venue doesn’t cater for people that can’t eat gluten? It’s an isolating experience and our community deserves a better deal. That’s why we raise awareness about coeliac disease and gluten intolerance, campaign to reduce the current average 13 year wait to get diagnosed and work with the food industry for better and wider access to gluten free food.

We are an independent, national charity and we receive no government funding here to support our vibrant 65,000 strong gluten free community.