Our approach to fundraising

Coeliac UK operates a small team of in house staff to lead and develop its fundraising

As a charity regulated by the Fundraising Regulator we are striving to achieve the highest standards in all our fundraising communications and will continue to do this, referring to all the relevant professional and statutory bodies as guidance and regulation develops. Because we only have a small team, we sometimes engage with other agencies or companies to support us, but we always expect them to adhere to the same high standards we expect from ourselves.

Developing positive long term relationships with all our members, donors and supporters underpins all our actions around our fundraising.

We welcome feedback from supporters, members and others who are approached for funds: this is always taken seriously and serves to develop and improve our activities.

Everyone we contact has the opportunity to remove themselves from future communications and we are committed to adhering to these choices, recognising the need to protect vulnerable people and carefully monitoring the content and frequency of our approaches to individuals. 

If you have any questions about our approach, or would like to add or remove yourself from any of our communications, please call the Helpline on 0333 332 2033 or contact fundraising@coeliac.org.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Coeliac UK support my fundraising?

We are grateful to all of our fundraisers for taking the time to raise vital funds for Coeliac UK and to help you in your efforts, we can provide you with some key fundraising materials.

Whether you’d like a t-shirt sporting the Coeliac UK logo to wear at an event, a collection box, a banner, balloons, posters or anything else, please get in touch with our Fundraising Team and we’ll be able to supply you with these.

I want to hold a fundraising event for Coeliac UK, where do I start?

Great, we're so happy that you want to do some fundraising for us!

Our Fundraising Pack is full of great ideas and tips to make your fundraising a success! Once you have decided on your event, get in contact with our Fundraising Team for fundraising material including t-shirts, collection boxes, banners, balloons, posters and many more materials to help make your event a success. 

Does Coeliac UK fund research?

Every year the Charity invests a lot of money into research. Some of that research is looking at the underlying genetic make up of people with coeliac disease while other research looks at the day to day impact on people living with the condition. We are the largest investor in research into coeliac disease in the UK. We usually advertise for applications to research grants annually in the medical press.

Where does the money I raise go?

The funds raised by our supporters play a vital part in the service we offer people who have to live without gluten.

  • We provide information and support through our dedicated Helpline
  • We campaign to improve diagnosis rates, for improved follow up care and safe food.
  • We fund research into the disease, new treatments and potential cures.
  • We also work closely with healthcare professionals and build unique networks with food manufacturers, retailers and caterers.

Why are fundraisers so important to Coeliac UK?

We rely on the generosity of our supporters to raise income as we receive no government funding. Our fundraisers not only raise essential funds for the charity, but also much needed awareness about coeliac disease and the gluten free diet.

Amounts both large and small can help make a real difference to the lives of those who have to live without gluten. We are grateful for any amount raised and every pound will help us to continue our vital support.