Our approach to fundraising

Coeliac UK operates a small team of in house staff to lead and develop its fundraising

As a charity regulated by the new Fundraising Regulator we are striving to achieve the highest standards in all our fundraising communications and will continue to do this, referring to all the relevant professional and statutory bodies as guidance and regulation develops. 

Developing positive long term relationships with all our members, donors and supporters underpins all our actions in this area.

During 2017, we received no complaints about our activities that we were not able to resolve in the first instance. 

We welcome feedback from donors, members and others who are approached for funds as this is always taken seriously and serves to develop and improve our activities.

Everyone we contact always has the opportunity to remove themselves from future communications and we are committed to adhering to these choices, recognising the need to protect vulnerable people and carefully monitoring the content and frequency of our approaches to individuals. 

During 2018 we will further improve our internal administrative systems to reflect the highest standards, working towards the need for individuals to have given their specific consent to receive information around particular activities.

If you have any questions about our approach, or would like to add or remove yourself from any of our communications, please contact fundraising@coeliac.org.uk