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Coeliac disease can be difficult to diagnose because the symptoms are wide ranging and can also be similar to other conditions.

It takes an average of 13 years for someone to be diagnosed with coeliac disease, which we want to change so that more people can get that diagnosis they need, quicker. is it coeliac diseaseThat’s why we have created our assessment on

This is a free service that gathers all the latest knowledge to determine if it is likely you have coeliac disease.

If the online assessment proves to be positive then you will have good grounds to approach your GP for coeliac disease testing. This involves a blood test and (if the blood test indicates coeliac disease) a gut biopsy, which are tests that will confirm your coeliac disease.

It is important that you continue to eat gluten while you are being tested, no matter how ill you feel, because if you eliminate or reduce gluten intake before being tested it could affect the result.

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