Research Conference 2017 - The gluten free diet; classic coeliac disease and more

It was our third year where we had a call for abstracts with a £500 prize for the best poster. Entry numbers were up 50% on the previous year and the winning abstract, ‘Quality standards in coeliac disease: a retrospective evaluation in a single specialist clinic’ was submitted by Dr Michael FitzPatrick, University of Oxford. Dr Fitzpatrick will use his prize money to attend an international conference.

The winning abstract, along with all those presented at the conference can be viewed within the delegates' brochure and the photo gallery of posters.

You can access the presentation slides and videos via the links below

RC2017 1Dr Jeremy Woodward

Management of coeliac disease



RC 2017 2Dr Alfonso Rodriguez-Herrera

Monitoring adherence to the gluten free diet with gluten immunological peptides in faeces and urine - experience from a paediatric clinic


RC 2017 3Dr Daniel Leffler

Therapeutic advances in coeliac disease - adjuncts to the gluten free diet



RC 2017 4Professor Yolanda Sanz

The gut microbiome composition and dynamics in coeliac disease



RC 2017 5Dr Iris Jonkers

Decoding the genetic background of coeliac disease



RC 2017 6Dr Matthew Kurien

Coeliac disease and Type 1 diabetes



RC 2017 7Professor Marios Hadjivassiliou

Gluten and the brain



RC 2017 8Professor Umberto Volta

Gluten, wheat and FODMAPs: dietary triggers of irritable bowel syndrome and non-coeliac gluten sensitivity


RC 2017 9Nick Trott

Dietetic interventions in non responsive coeliac disease



RFC 2017 10Dr Imran Aziz

The gluten free and low FODMAPs diets in IBD



This event was kindly sponsored by BFree, Schär, Thermo Fisher and Warburtons

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