Campaign to make gluten free food more affordable and accessible​

We are on a mission to make gluten free food more affordable and more accessible. Our aim is to highlight the additional challenges faced by the coeliac community and avoid a cost of living crisis becoming a future health crisis.  

In March 2023 we launched the campaign with the publication of our report, 'The Gluten Free Diet: What does it cost and why does it matter?’ which highlighted the inequality of pricing for gluten free food for those that need it to maintain their health.

“The cost of living crisis could become a cost of health crisis for many.  People with coeliac disease are being disproportionately affected. We’re calling on policy makers and the food industry to join with us to help support those with coeliac disease and ensure they can access the food they need to treat their condition.”   
Tristan Humphreys, Head of Advocacy, Coeliac UK  

To date thousands of people have pledged their support for our campaign, written to local commissioners and MPs, shared their story online and helped highlight that the cost of living crisis is having a huge impact on people with coeliac disease. Our first report was cited in Parliament and the issue has been repeatedly covered in national and local media.  

This was just the first stage of our campaign, in July and August we asked our community to help us gather more information during their regular shopping trips. 

And we’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to all those that took part in our access and availability Shopping Survey. We had nearly 1,000 people take the time to share their experiences of shopping for gluten free staple products. The data provides significant evidence of the challenges members of the community face accessing the diet and will prove crucial in our discussions with policy makers and the food industry. Our team are currently analysing the data from the survey, which will form the basis of our next report, set to launch in June this year.  

We believe gluten free prescriptions play an important role in supporting people to access the gluten free food that they need and have been delighted to see gluten free prescriptions re-instated in Sheffield, West Kent, Croydon, Kingston, Merton and Richmond, meaning for the first time in years people with coeliac disease in these areas can access much needed support. However, it has not all been good news and we continue to fight hard against the recent decisions to withdraw gluten free prescriptions for the coeliac community in Leeds, Calderdale and across Hampshire. 

We expect more Integrated Care Boards (ICBs) in England will be looking at their gluten free prescribing policies throughout the year. With this in mind, we are taking the campaign to the next level and launching a petition calling on the UK Government to ensure all ICBs protect access to gluten free staple products for those in need across England. We also continue to work with Devolved Governments in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to protect existing provision.  

We’ll be sharing more information about the petition later in June, alongside our new report, so keep an eye out on our social media channels for more details on how you can get involved. With your support, we can really make a difference and ensure no member of our community is left behind because of the cost and availability of gluten free food. 
If you have any questions about our campaign, please email 
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COL reportThe Gluten Free Diet: What does it cost and why does it matter?’

To better understand the true cost of maintaining a gluten free diet, Coeliac UK conducted a study on the cost of purchasing gluten free foods online across UK supermarkets and have compared prices to their gluten containing equivalents. 

The report revealed the additional challenges faced by those who need to live gluten free including the fact that a gluten free loaf is on average 4.3 times more expensive. So far the report has generated significant press and TV coverage, plus opened doors to wider conversations with policy makers and the food industry.

Read our report

How you can get involved 

Our voice is only as strong as the community we represent and our initial success in raising awareness and bringing this issue into the conversation has only been because of your ongoing incredible support.

Read on below for three different ways you can get involved.

Share your story1. Share your story

Your personal experiences of living gluten free will have a significant impact on the second phase of our campaign this year. If you or anyone in your household has coeliac disease, whether they are a partner, child or parent, we would love to hear your story.  

We want to know how maintaining a gluten free diet is affecting you financially on a day-to-day basis and how you are coping with the rising cost of your food shop. We are also interested to find out if you are currently receiving support to access gluten free food, such as prescriptions. 

Share my story

Wall of Support2. Pledge your support and join the community

The more voices, the louder we’ll be heard!  Getting involved is easy, you can simply just tick the box to pledge your support or if you want to show your support more strongly, you can send us a photo to be added to our Wall of Support which clearly shows the strength of our community and the importance of this project.

Once you sign up, make sure you tick the box to receive more information and we'll keep you updated on our progress and other ways to get involved!

Pledge your support

3. Shout about it  

Follow us on social media to hear the latest news and share the campaign on your own feeds to spread the word!

Use our letter templates to make change at a higher level: 

Contact your local MP  (non prescribing areas of England only)  

Contact your local ICB (non prescribing areas of England only)  

Find out if you have access to gluten free staples on prescription in your area using our postcode tool here

Seven day meal planSeven Day Meal Plan – your budget meal booklet   

Helpful hints on how to eat well gluten free on a budget.