Our vision No life limited by gluten

We are an independent charity with expertise in coeliac disease and the gluten free diet. We fund critical research into coeliac disease, provide trustworthy advice and support to our members, and fight for better availability of gluten free food. We support our 65,000 strong community through our offices in England, Scotland and Wales and local volunteer groups.

Our vision

No life limited by gluten.

Our mission

We will improve the lives of people living without gluten, by:

  • providing the evidence based, independent, expert information and support people need
  • being an expert voice for the gluten free community
  • being a strong advocate for better diagnosis of coeliac disease, better care, and better access to gluten free food in and out of the home
  • investing in research into the nature and effects of gluten – and one day overcoming coeliac disease.

Our values inform our work

Informed Independent lluminating

But it’s not just us. We are supported by our dedicated volunteers, advisers and community and we are accountable to those who support us.

We have an overall strategy which is underpinned by a biannual plan to keep us on track. The work we do and the progress we make is measured against our strategy and benchmarks so that we can keep advancing towards our goals.