Health Advisory Council and Network

The Health Advisory Council (HAC) advises the Board of Governors on scientific and health issues helping to ensure that the Charity's information and advice remains expert and up to date. The Council comprises eminent health experts from across the UK.

We also take advice from a broader forum, our Health Advisory Network (HAN), drawn from a range of healthcare backgrounds. Our Network also help the Charity by championing our cause in their professional fields.

We currently have vacancies on our HAC and HAN and are inviting applications from healthcare professionals with an expertise in coeliac disease, for more information on the roles please download our advertisement

Professor David Sanders, Chair of our Health Advisory Council

Prof David SandersI am Professor David Sanders, the Professor of Gastroenterology and a Consultant Gastroenterologist at the Royal Hallamshire Hospital & the University of Sheffield. I have been involved in setting up the Sheffield Institute of Gluten-Related Disorders (SIGReD) to improve diagnosis of coeliac disease, through increased recognition of symptoms. The coeliac disease clinic at Sheffield's Royal Hallamshire Hospital is the largest centre for gluten-related diseases in the UK.

In 2010 I received one of the European Rising Star Awards in GI research and the Coeliac UK Healthcare Professional of the Year Award. I also work as part of the Sheffield Small Bowel Endoscopy Service which won one of the inaugural British Society of Gastroenterology National GI Care awards in 2011. The UK Nutrition Society awarded me with the Cuthbertson Medal in 2011 for research undertaken in clinical nutrition. In 2012 I was part of the Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy team which won both the Health Service Journal primary care and integrated clinical care awards. I am the current chair of the British Society of Gastroenterology Audit Committee and also the Chair of the Coeliac UK Health Advisory Council.

Dr Joe West, Member of our Health Advisory Network

Joe WestI am Joe West, a Consultant Gastroenterologist and Associate Professor at Nottingham University and have spent much of my previous research time investigating the consequences of coeliac disease. I continue to have an ongoing clinical and research interest in the disease.

When invited, I was delighted to join the Health Advisory Network (HAN) for Coeliac UK. As part of a wide network of various health professionals I provide information and responses to queries from Coeliac UK regarding various topics. These can range from the interpretation of new research, commenting on policy statements and attemtping to answer specific queries from Members of the Charity.

By being a member of HAN I hope to contribute to the ongoing work of the Charity in its support of people with coeliac disease in providing up to date and accurate information about the disease. I also gain the valuable resource of the wide network of contacts that make up the HAN and enjoy the challenge of coming to a consensus about complex issues. 

Health Advisory Council Members

  • Professor David Sanders (Chair), Consultant Gastroenterologist, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
  • Dr Huw Jenkins, (Vice Chair), Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
  • Dr Jamie Dalrymple, Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of East Anglia, Norwich 
  • Siân Evans, Acute Paediatric Dietitian, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff
  • Dr Peter Gillett, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Edinburgh
  • Professor Marios Hadjivassiliou, Consultant Neurologist, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
  • Alison Longbottom, Advanced Clinical Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian, York Hospital
  • Dr Geraint Preest, General Practitioner, Pencoed Medical Centre, Wales
  • Dr Gerry Robins, Consultant Gastroenterologist, The York Hospital NHS Foundation Trust
  • Professor Ian Sanderson, Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Barts and The London School of Medicine & Dentistry

Health Advisory Network Members

  • Dr Tony Akobeng, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital
  • Dr Elaine Bannerman, Lecturer in Nutrition, University of Dundee
  • Dr David Bernardo Ordiz, Research Associate, Imperial College London
  • Dr Sorrel Burden, Research Fellow, University of Manchester, Manchester
  • Tony Cartwright, Pharmacist Consultant, Global Regulatory Solutions Ltd
  • Paul Duell, Chief Officer, Suffolk & Great Yarmouth Pharmaceutical Committee
  • Dr Ian Fellows, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital, Norwich 
  • Dr Stephen Foley, Consultant Gastroenterologist, The Sherwood Forest Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
  • Dr Helen Gillett, Consultant Gastroenterologist, St Johns Hospital, West Lothian
  • Professor Alastair Gray, Professor of Health Economics, University of Oxford
  • Dr Helen Griffiths, Nurse Consultant, Department of Gastroenterology, Wye Valley NHS Trust
  • Dr Geoff Holmes, Department of Gastroenterology, Royal Derby Hospital, Derby
  • Dr Ruth Howard, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, University of Birmingham
  • Professor Peter Howdle, Consultant Gastroenterologist, St.James's University Hospital, University of Leeds
  • Shirley James, Gastrointestinal Advanced Nurse Practitioner, Southampton General Hospital 
  • Dr Michael D Jones, Reader in Molecular Medicine, Imperial College London
  • Professor Monty Losowsky, Professor of Medicine (rtd.), University of Leeds
  • Jacqui Lowdon, Paediatric Dietitian, Manchester Royal Infirmary
  • Dr Peter Mooney, Clinical Research Fellow in Gastroenterology, The Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
  • Dr Ali Naji, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Warwick Hospital
  • Dr John O'Malley, Medical Director, Mastercall Healthcare
  • Dr Kamran Rostami, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Milton Keynes University Hospital
  • Dr Alan Rowe, Food and Drink Industry Specialist, Rowett Institute of Nutrition & Health, University of Aberdeen
  • Dr Brian B Scott, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Department of Medicine, Lincoln County Hospital
  • Dr Alan Shand, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Western General Hospital, Edinburgh
  • Dr Richard Stevens, General Practitioner, East Oxford Health Centre, Oxford
  • Claire Stuckey, Senior Gastrointestinal Dietitian, Royal Bournemouth Hospital
  • Dr Sreedhar Subramanian, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Royal Liverpool University Hospital
  • Dr Adrian Thomas, Consultant Paediatric Gastroenterologist, Booth Hill Children's Hospital, Manchester
  • Nick Trott, Specialist Gastroenterology Dietitian, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield
  • Professor Julian Walters, Consultant Gastroenterologist, Hammersmith Hospital, London
  • Dr Joe West, Consultant Gastroenterologist, University of Nottingham Medical School