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Look out for our Crossed Grain symbol

Our Crossed Grain symbol is a quick and easy way of identifying foods you can eat.

Food products certified with our Crossed Grain symbol are gluten free and suitable for people with coeliac disease. If you see products with this symbol on, you know they’ve gone through our process and we’ve seen test certificates, so they are safe for your gluten free diet.

Some more detail on the Crossed Grain symbol

There are different types of licence for the symbol based on where the product is sold and what ingredients are used. You can tell what kind of licence the product has by the licence number shown alongside the symbol.


This type of licence number shows that the company is based in the UK and is selling their products mostly in the UK. It also shows that the product is gluten free.


This type of licence number shows that the product is gluten free as well as where the company is based. UK companies will have a licence number starting with GB. Companies based in other European countries will have different codes, e.g. BE for Belgium or GR for Greece.


This type of licence number shows that the product is gluten free, where the company is based and that the product contains gluten free oats.



This type of licence number shows that the products are gluten free and sold outside of Europe.



Some manufacturers and supermarkets use their own symbol to show that a food is gluten free. These symbols do not have licence numbers.

If you are a food manufacturer and would like to know how you can use the Crossed Grain symbol on your products, please read more about licensing the Crossed Grain symbol.

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