Member Review Panel

Help us choose what research to fund

We are committed to funding research that underpins and integrates with the needs of patients and those who care for them. We will develop a long term research agenda to improve the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and management of coeliac disease and other gluten related immune conditions. We are also committed to involving people with coeliac disease, their families and carers in our research activities.

What is the Member Review Panel?

When we receive grant applications from researchers, they are evaluated by our Research Awards Panel to determine which are of suitable quality and a priority for funding. We also email a summary of each application for review by our Member Review Panel.

By including people with coeliac disease, family members and carers in the decision process, we ensure the research we fund will be of potential benefit to the people we are trying to help.

What does it involve?

Members on the panel are asked to review grant applications approximately once or twice a year, usually in September/October. Application summaries are sent to panel members by email for reading ahead of completing an online questionnaire consisting of three multiple choice questions and a comment section for each summary. The three questions cover, has the panel member understood the summary, will the research project contribute to improving the lives of people with coeliac disease and should it be funded. Finally we ask panel members to rank the research projects.

Are you eligible?

We are looking for people with coeliac disease, family members and carers of people with coeliac disease to join our Member Review Panel. Members must have a personal link to coeliac disease and an interest in research. You don’t need to have a scientific or medical background to sit on the panel as all application summaries and documentation will be written in a ‘plain English’ format.

To find out more about the panel please download the role description.

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