Kids, teens and young adults


If you are brand new to coeliac disease then we know you might be a bit worried about it. It's okay to feel that way because this is all so new to you.

Don't worry, we're here to help you get the hang of it and show you that you are not alone. There are lots of other children and adults with the same condition as you. We're also going to teach you a magic trick to keep you safe.

All coeliac disease means is that you can't eat foods that have something called gluten in them.

If you do eat something with gluten it might upset your tummy, or make you feel poorly.

And if you eat it for a long time it might make you sick, so it's something quite important to learn about.

Gluten is inside wheat, barley and rye. These are called grains, but you will know them mostly as flour, so it's in regular bread and cake. It can also be found in soups, sausages and other places you might not expect, like chocolate.

Gluten Free CakeThe good news is that there are gluten free versions of all your favourite foods. All you need to know is what to ask for and be on the look out for all the time. Yes, you can still have pizza and cake! Just gluten free ones.

So the little magic trick is to learn which foods might have gluten in them. Then ask for a 'gluten free' version instead.

Those words will keep you safe. You will see it on lots of food products and on the menu when you are eating at a restaurant.