Research Strategy

Our 2023-2028 Research Strategy builds on the success of the previous strategy, which was the first to incorporate the ten research priorities chosen by people living with coeliac disease, alongside those who care for them and healthcare professionals. The strategy defines a clear approach for how we will maintain momentum in contributing to the progression of coeliac disease research.

Since 2005, we have committed around £3.5M for research. Our Research Strategy Board brings the experience and expertise to help us spend money on research into coeliac disease and the gluten free diet as effectively as possible, guided by our Research Strategy.

Our Research Strategy Board advises our Board of Trustees on the best practice for reviewing and awarding research grants and any necessary policies relating to our Research Strategy, including intellectual property rights, data sharing, ethics, patient and public involvement and engagement (PPIE).

We strongly encourage PPIE in research. This means involving and engaging patients and the public to allow those who are intended to benefit from the research to have a voice. It is important as it enriches research in a way that cannot be achieved by any other means. Further details can be found in our PPIE Policy.

We are confident that our Research Strategy will have a significant impact, improving the understanding, diagnosis, treatment and care of people with coeliac disease and ultimately lead to a world without coeliac disease!