Recruiting for research

Researchers often need information from people with coeliac disease and their families to help them understand the condition better.

You can have an active and important role in research and there are many ways you can be involved:

  • completion of a survey from home either online or by post
  • completion of a survey away from home, for example, in a supermarket
  • focus group
  • one to one interview, face to face or over the phone
  • gluten free food trial
  • trials for new treatments
  • providing a biological sample, for example, blood, urine, saliva, faeces.

Current projects recruiting for research

Help shape post diagnosis care for people with coeliac disease

Dr Matt Kurien, consultant gastroenterologist and clinical lecturer in gastroenterology, Sheffield University has a special interest in coeliac disease. He is working with Cievert Ltd to develop a web-based platform which assesses how people living with coeliac disease are coping with their condition and the gluten free diet. The aim will be for the NHS to use this software in order to provide more support to those patients that need it and to let those managing well, get on with their lives.

The researchers are looking for volunteers who are diagnosed with coeliac disease to trial the software and provide feedback. This will help improve the software design and shape how it may be used within the NHS.

For further information and to register your interest, please visit the Cievert Website. Please note that by making contact and showing an interest you are not obliged to take part in the study.

This is a study by the University of Sheffield and has been funded by Coeliac UK, Innovate UK, and Cievert Ltd.

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