Recruiting for research

Researchers often need information from people with coeliac disease and their families to help them understand the condition better.

You can have an active and important role in research and there are many ways you can be involved:

  • completion of a survey from home either online or by post
  • completion of a survey away from home, for example, in a supermarket
  • focus group
  • one to one interview, face to face or over the phone
  • gluten free food trial
  • trials for new treatments
  • providing a biological sample, for example, blood, urine, saliva, faeces.

Current projects recruiting for research

  • Research on the impact of food hypersensitivity such as coeliac disease, allergy or intolerance on quality of life in adults, parents and young people. The #FOODSENSITIVE Impact Study, funded by the Foods Standards Agency.
  • Research funded by the Food Standards Agency to calculate the financial cost of living with a food hypersensitivity such as coeliac disease, food intolerance or food allergy. Food Hypersensitivity: What does it cost you? 

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