Our health and food advisors

We work with a range of experts to ensure our advice and services reflect the latest thinking in the management of coeliac disease and the gluten free diet. Our Board of Governors delegate some of its responsibilities to Board committees to focus on specific issues. Read more about our Governance and policies. The Board also has two established advisory groups: the Health Advisory Council and the Food Standards Committee. Each provides expert advice on matters relating to the health and food sectors respectively.

Health Advisory Council and Health Advisory Network

The Health Advisory Council comprises eminent health experts currently working in coeliac disease from across the UK and advises the Board of Governors on scientific and health issues. 

We also take advice from a broader forum, our Health Advisory Network, drawn from a range of healthcare backgrounds. Our Network also helps the Charity by championing our cause in their own professional fields. Read more about our health advisors.

Food Standards Committee

The Food Standards Committee advises the Board of Governors on technical and regulatory food issues. The Committee includes experts from the food industry with relevant experience in research, policy development, regulatory affairs, food analysis and legislation, covering food manufacturing, retailing and catering. Read more about the Food Standards Committee.