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  • Coeliac UK is not Government funded
  • All donations help improve the lives of those who need to live gluten free
  • There are many ways to give to support our vital work

Coeliac UK is the charity for people who need to live without gluten. We provide independent, trustworthy advice and support, strive for better gluten free food in more places and fund crucial research to manage the impacts of gluten and find answers to coeliac disease.

We need your support to go even further

We are not Government funded and rely on the generosity of supporters and fundraisers to continue our work. All donations help improve the lives of those with coeliac disease who need to live without gluten helping us refine services we offer our members and campaign to develop awareness of the issues around the disease and fund crucial research.

Your support really does make a difference.

£10 can help produce a Food and Drink Guide
£15 can help produce 10 information packs
£20 can help towards the cost of our Helpline
£50 can help towards raising awareness of coeliac disease
£100 can help support essential medical research

Remember, if you are a tax payer you can make any gift go further through gift aid. Coeliac UK can reclaim the basic tax rate of 25% on your gift, meaning when you give £10 we will receive £12.50.

How you can help

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