Research Conference 2021 - Coeliac disease; beyond 2020, what lies ahead?

We're delighted to return with our virtual annual Research Conference, bringing the latest research updates to our gluten free community.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on the diagnosis and management of coeliac disease and raised many questions around health and wellbeing for people with coeliac disease. 2020 also saw the introduction of a no-biopsy diagnosis pathway for adults and dietetic clinics had to rapidly transition to a digital format. This conference provides the opportunity to reflect on these events and to consider what the future holds for the diagnosis and management of coeliac disease.

Browse the videos below to watch, and don't forget to download our Research Conference brochure.

Watch now:

Prof Frits Koning V2Prof Frits Koning  

Why coeliac disease, and why me? Could bacteria be a trigger for coeliac disease?



Prof Jonas Ludvigsson V2Prof Jonas Ludvigsson   

Infection, mortality and severity of covid-19 in coeliac disease



Iain Croall V2Dr Iain Croall   

Cognition and coeliac disease: all in the mind?



Roslyn Yuill Roslyn Yuill RD   

The Scottish Coeliac Disease Pathway: what has changed due to covid-19?



Helen GillettDr Helen Gillett  

No biopsy diagnosis in adult coeliac disease