Research Conference 2021 - Coeliac disease; beyond 2020, what lies ahead?

This year we are once again bringing you our annual Research Conference virtually. Watch this space as the videos will be available next month – check back here in the next few weeks for the latest information.

Covid-19 has had a huge impact on diagnosis and management of coeliac disease and raised many questions around health and wellbeing for people with coeliac disease. 2020 saw the introduction of a no-biopsy diagnosis pathway for adults and dietetic clinics had to rapidly transition to a digital format. This conference provides the opportunity for reflection and to consider what the future holds for diagnosis and management of coeliac disease.

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Prof Frits Koning V2Prof Frits Koning  

Why coeliac disease, and why me? Could bacteria be a trigger for coeliac disease?



Prof Jonas Ludvigsson V2Prof Jonas Ludvigsson   

Infection, mortality and severity of Covid-19 in coeliac disease



Iain Croall V2Dr Iain Croall   

Cognition and coeliac disease: all in the mind?



Roslyn Yuill Roslyn Yuill RD   

The Scottish Coeliac Disease Pathway, what has changed due to Covid-19?



Helen GillettDr Helen Gillett  

No biopsy diagnosis in adult coeliac disease