Wall of Thanks

Welcome to our wall of thanks

We are hugely grateful to everyone who supports us.

We’ve been overwhelmed by the lovely messages of thanks and support we’ve received. We’ve created a Wall of Thanks so that we can share some of these with you.

Whether you’ve made a donation, taken part in fund raising, joined us for awareness week, or shared our social media posts – Thank you.

Your support is helping us to continue to bring you the informed, accurate information needed to live well gluten free.
Our community is really important to us and has helped us achieve so much over the past 50 years. Together we’re stronger.

Together we make a difference so no life is limited by gluten.

Thank you from all of us Coeliac UK

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"I was diagnosed as Coeliac in the first week of 'lockdown' so your website & pack have been a lifesaver (esp for my wife who does all the cooking!)."
Paul Mapstone
"Coeliac UK is such an important source of information for people diagnosed as coeliac. The profile raising work is just as important, so that coeliacs can eat safely."
Sonal Shah
"Working in the NHS I have seen the impact Coronavirus is having at many levels. Working in research I also recognize the challenges we will face going forward with reduced funding due to the impact on charities. Coeliac UK has been a godsend to our family since our daughter was diagnosed aged 7."
Linda Tinkler
"I contacted you by email for some clarification on covid 19. Your response was prompt and reassuring. A big thank you to all your team."
Sue Dobson
"I found your online 'covid-19' Q&As helpful and reassuring - thank you!"
JG Cook
"I have been a member for some years and the help I received in the early days and now has been invaluable."
Phil Cornford

"I have been a Coeliac for 65 years since diagnosis in late 1954. Coeliac UK is vital for those newly diagnosed in particular."
Wendy Temple
"Thank you for all for being a lifeline."
Miss Moys
"Thank you for all the work you do to make us feel part of a community. Since being diagnosed a year and a half ago, I've turned to you countless times, not only to ease my worries, but to find all sorts of inspiration for making the most of life gluten-free!"
Lara Squire
"Thank you for all your advice and support. Our daughter was diagnosed with coeliac disease last year and your website and GF Food Checker app has been invaluable. Just flicking through the new Live Well magazine and wanted to show our support."
Lisa Tanser
"Thank you for being there and helping to keep us informed and less worried!"
Jill S
"Thank you for keeping your lines open."
Norma Wade
"Thank you for still being here - keep up the good work if you can!"
Katherine Smith
Thank you so much for being there for me when I needed you, you are a life line for all of us. Hope you will survive this and can continue to help others in the future."
"Well done for the all the awesome work you do and support you give to us coeliacs." 
Laura Coates
"You do a wonderful job. Thank you all so much."
David Henderson
"Your efforts to increase options for home delivery are much appreciated. Thank you all."
Tim Bartlett

"You provide an invaluable service to those of us diagnosed with CD - I hope this small donation will help towards your endeavour, I would hate to see you go!"
Kath Saunders