Gluten free on a budget

Living gluten free means changing the way you shop, cook and eat out. It's important to eat a healthy balanced diet to provide all the energy and nutrients your body needs. We know it isn't always easy though, especially if you're new to the gluten free diet. 

Budget Planner Front CoverAnd with gluten free substitute products costing on average 3-4 times more than standard gluten containing equivalents, budgets can be a concern as well. So we've pulled together our expertise  and developed a seven day plan to provide the recommended daily amounts of fat, carbs, protein and fibre, as well as your five a day without breaking the bank. 

As well as a delicious and balanced range of meals for two for a week, we've given you guidance on making the most of your weekly shop and tips on meal planning. And if you want more recipe ideas to substitute into your weekly plan than you can browse through our Home of Gluten Free Recipes for over a 1,000 gluten free recipes ideas for all occasions.

Download your plan today, and don't forget to share your comments and photos on our members' gallery. 

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