Research Conference 2019 - The gluten free diet; a solution for everyone?

Our 10th annual research conference and our fifth year running where we had a call for abstracts with a £500 prize for the best poster.

Dr Elizabeth Soilleux, University of Cambridge, claimed the prize for her poster on the 'Use of T cell-specific RNA in situ hybridisation as a novel test to distinguish malignant (lymphomatous) and benign (inflammatory) T cell infiltrates: a possible new approach in the diagnosis of refractory coeliac disease'. The award for highly commended poster went to Elisabeth Baggus, Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield.

The winning poster and all those presented at the conference can be viewed within the photo gallery of posters one and two and the abstracts are in the delegates' brochure.

You can access the presentation slides and videos via the links below:

Professor David Price 

Dietary gluten permanently reconfigures gastrointestinal tissue resident immunity in coeliac disease

Professor David Sanders

Doctor I still have symptoms; non responsive and refractory coeliac disease

Professor Carolina Ciacci

To biopsy or not to biopsy? That is the question!

Dr Manpreet Bains

Healthcare professionals’ and patients’ views on the long term follow up of coeliac disease

Professor Ramesh Arasaradnam

Exploring the coeliac ‘fermentome’ and ‘microbiome’

Dr Francisco Leon

Therapeutic advances for coeliac disease 

Dr Manuel Spannagl

How complex can it be? The bread wheat genome and its implications for wheat intolerance

Lina Moschoula Passali

Is there a role for gluten in multiple sclerosis?

Dr Iain Croall

What does gluten do to your brain?

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