Why I volunteer: Reshma Shah

Reshma Shah volunteerReshma is a Governor for Coeliac UK.

She explains how volunteering enables her to give back.

“I was diagnosed with coeliac disease in my late twenties, and I recall at the time just being relieved. I had a challenge in front of me and as scary as it was, I could now do something about it. Coeliac UK were there to support me, particularly in the early years when, newly diagnosed, it felt like a huge lifestyle change.

“I’ve volunteered at my local group for about five years, and I love being part of the team. We organise events within the community, connecting long standing members with those newly diagnosed and often their close family and friends too. We are there to listen, share our experiences and have a chat over tea (and gluten free cake of course!).

“A couple of years ago, I was reading our magazine when I came across an advert for the role of trustee. This immediately sparked my interest, and I applied to join. I believed that the skills that I use daily, in my working life, and the experience I have as a coeliac myself could really benefit the charity.

“The Board meet regularly to discuss how the charity is performing and how we can further the support to our members and the wider community. Volunteering has allowed me to say thank you to Coeliac UK and to help others on their journey. Along the way I have made great friends and met amazing people. I would recommend it to anyone, so why not give it a try?”

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