Our successes

With the help of our members and supporters we have changed the lives of people with coeliac disease and those following a gluten free diet. 

  • We persuaded Government to develop national guidelines on the diagnosis and management of coeliac disease driving up standards of care.
  • We mobilised our members to respond in their thousands to a Department of Health and Social Care consultation on the future of gluten free prescribing in England - the result was the retention of gluten free prescribing but with a limited product list.
  • We signed up high street restaurants to our Gluten Free accreditation scheme guaranteeing safe and clearly marked options when eating out.
  • We’ve trained hospitals, universities, local pubs and airline caterers in providing safe gluten free catering.
  • We found new genes associated with coeliac disease through our funding of research.
  • We persuaded the European Commission to drop proposals on gluten free labelling which would make it harder to identify safe foods.
  • We made the most of new smartphone technology to create our two award winning apps providing gluten free food product and venue information on the move.
  • We launched groups in Westminster, the Scottish Parliament and the Welsh Assembly to keep politicians informed about the needs of people with coeliac disease.