Living gluten free FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I eat oats?

What is barley malt extract?

Can I eat barley malt vinegar?

Can I drink spirits?

Is Chinese soy sauce gluten free?

Can I eat yeast?

Can I eat dextrose?

What alcohol can I drink?

How can beer be certified as gluten free?

Can I eat glucose syrup?

If I can’t get gluten free food on prescription will I have to eat gluten containing foods and make myself ill?

I'm confused by the 'very low gluten' label. Can I eat foods labelled with this?

Prescriptions foods are fortified so they’re better for me, aren’t they?

What is gluten-free (Codex) wheat starch?

I've noticed that 'barley malt extract' is on the ingredients list of a breakfast cereal which is listed in the Food and Drink Information. Can I eat it?

Can I still use Coeliac UK's Gluten free on the Move app to find suitable products for my diet?

What mobile phones will the app work on?

Can I buy a kit to test the level of gluten in my food?

What is the Crossed Grain symbol?

Can I eat modified starch?

What can I do if a restaurant does not provide me with allergen information?

Can I eat monosodium glutamate (MSG)?

Can I eat communion wafers?

What is Coeliac UK's Food and Drink Information Service?

Do I still need to update my Food and Drink Guide?

Which foods are listed in Section 1?

Why do products in Section 1 have the Crossed Grain symbol next to them?

Why do you not provide product information for some brands and manufacturers?

Does this app link to the Food and Drink Information?

Why are there more products in this app than in the Food and Drink Guide?

I’ve found products in this app that are not in the Food and Drink Information, are they ok?