Do you want to improve life for those on a gluten free diet?

7 December 2021

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) have created an online reaction reporting tool to gather information about where and how people have a food reaction.

At Coeliac UK, we’re always striving to make life better and easier for those following a gluten free diet – from medical research to fun recipes! An important part of this work is partnering with other organisations to drive change. And we need your help too.

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) want to better understand the extent and nature of food hypersensitive reactions, particularly when buying food outside the home, which don’t result in a hospital visit. They have created a tool* to gather information about where and how people have a food reaction, and we need your help with filling out the form. By taking part, you can ensure that people with coeliac disease are equally represented.

The information gathered will be used to inform future policy development, areas for further research, and targeted communications campaigns. So by self-reporting your reactions you can have a positive impact on this important research. How fantastic is that? When we all work together as a community, we really can effect change.

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*reporting tool closes end of January 2022

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