We’ve updated our online training to meet the needs of growing gluten free

10 March 2020

This week, we have launched our updated online training course and we are urging caterers to take advantage of fifty years of insight that we have to offer into all things gluten free.

The online training course will enable both private and public sector caterers to meet the needs of the growing gluten free market. Since we first launched the interactive online course in 2014, nearly 7000 people working across a wide range of industries from chefs and catering staff to hospital ward staff and school teaching assistants.

Coeliac UK’s Chief Executive, Hilary Croft explains:

“We are expecting the demand for safe gluten free catering to increase as more people are diagnosed with coeliac disease. Research shows that people with coeliac disease - and the family and friends they eat out with - are currently worth a potential £100 million a year to venues that can cater for them, so this figure is likely to rise.”

“However, it is important for all caterers to ensure they are confident and knowledgeable on how to safely cater for the gluten free diet within the law and, for just £70, our newly revised online training course provides essential information to train staff for this expanding gluten free market.” 

The course, which takes approximately one and half hours to complete, is suitable for all food industry professionals in both the private and public sectors and on successful completion of the training, a personalised certificate from Coeliac UK can be download to be displayed or added to training records.

The course provides in depth training on:

  • understanding coeliac disease and the gluten free diet
  • the law on gluten free
  • choosing the right ingredients and gluten free storage
  • preparing and cooking gluten free food
  • cleaning and personal hygiene
  • communicating with staff and customers
  • monitoring gluten free procedures.

To find out more about individual access to the training, head over to our website: www.glutenfreetraining.org

If an organisation needs to train multiple staff and monitor their progress this can be arranged by contacting: cateringtraining@coeliac.org.uk

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