How to survive Christmas when you’re gluten free

We are here to make sure your festivities are fun, frivolous and free from gluten stress! Here are our top tips for a very merry gluten free Christmas.

It’s official: the festive season is upon us. Diaries are already filling up with parties and meals out, and you’re planning the all-important Christmas dinner. But how do you survive the festive season when you’re gluten free? Don’t fear – we are here to make sure your festivities are fun, frivolous and free from gluten stress! Here are our top tips for a very merry gluten free Christmas.

The Christmas ‘do’ (and don’ts!)

Whether it’s the work Christmas do or (yet another) family meal out, we’ve got you covered; it’s all about being prepared. Perhaps you can be involved in the booking and recommend one of our venues. If you don’t get to choose, then give the venue a call ahead of the event ask them about their procedures for preparing gluten free food. You can always advise them to check out our website for more information if they sound unsure.

A little tipple

You’re not the designated driver, but you’re still unsure if you can raise a glass of festive cheer. It’s time to get clued up on what’s what in the gluten free alcohol world. Mulled wine on offer? Ask for the ingredient list to check it’s safe. And if you’re hosting, why not make one of our Christmas cocktails.

Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate!

Selection box for breakfast? Don’t mind if I do! But before you dive into heavenly sweetness, remember to check the labels or use our award winning Gluten Free Food Checker app to be absolutely certain. Not all chocolate is gluten free, but there are still plenty of options you can choose from.

A whole host of Christmas gluten free goodies did you say?

This time of year is all about treating yourself, and being gluten free doesn’t mean you need to miss out. We’ve created a smorgasbord of options for you. Download our gluten free UK’s Christmas food list for all your festive treats – from chocolate, cakes and crisps to ready meals – all grouped by category and retailer.

A bit of magic for the kids

Children following a gluten free diet don’t want to miss out on the festive food and fun –and who can blame them! How about getting their friends involved so that no one feels left out? You could host a gluten free baking party for your child and their friends. From gingerbread to mince pies – or perhaps you’re feeling brave enough to tackle a Christmas showstopper – there’s nothing bland (or crumbly) about this gluten free party.

Christmas shopping stress

Are you panic scrolling through websites, wondering what on earth to get everyone? Well, look no further. Have a browse in our fab shop for something a little bit different. How about a gift card membership for Coeliac UK? Giving your loved ones access to all our resources will not only support others but has the cheeky added benefit that they’ll never have an excuse to not cater for you again (so maybe they can cook next year).

The meal of the year

And lastly, THE meal. To keep it as stress-free as possible, why not keep everything gluten free? They won’t notice – promise! Turkey, sprouts and potatoes are naturally gluten free anyway, and it’s so easy to make stuffing, pigs in blankets and gravy gluten free (you can even buy it pre-made – just scan the barcode with our app!). Check out our recipes page for mince pies, gravy, Christmas showstoppers – the lot! A Christmas dinner free from gluten can be just as good – if not better.

And that’s a wrap! Hopefully our top tips will make this Christmas a little bit easier and a lot more fun. Don’t forget to check out our Christmas page: and share this blog with your friends.


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