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Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities

We fund research that underpins and integrates with our business plan activities whilst also considering - where possible, funding - the wider long term research agenda in understanding coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (DH).

Within our Research Strategy, 2013-2016, we have a number of different funding opportunities available. We plan to fund research through research projects, fellowships and sponsored dissertations.

Sponsored dissertations

We will provide small grants, to encourage undergraduates or postgraduates studying at UK institutions, including but not limited to nutrition, dietetics, immunology, food technology, epidemiology, public health, psychology or medicine, to focus on coeliac disease or DH in their project work.

The primary objective is to place coeliac disease, a culturally specific condition, on the research agenda of UK academic institutions, whilst commissioning research that underpins our business plan activities.

Application forms will be reviewed by the Policy Research and Campaigns (PRC) team and our Member Review Panel. The final decision for funding will be made by the Charity’s Chief Executive Officer based on the advice of the PRC team.

Status: CLOSED

Funding available: Five grants up to £1000 each

Open date: 19 September 2017

Closing date: 20 November 2017, 10 am

Clinical Research Training Fellowships

We have joined forces with the Medical Research Council to offer jointly funded Clinical Research Training Fellowships. Our aim is to build a funding programme that will support the creation of the next generation of researchers focusing on coeliac disease. We wish to attract clinically active professionals within the UK and encourage them to embark on an early career in coeliac disease.

The scheme provides the opportunity to undertake a higher research degree and can also provide post doctoral funding for applicants who achieved their PhD more than five years ago but who have not been research active since due to clinical training commitments.

Status: CLOSED

Open date: 27 July 2017

Closing date: 6 September 2017 (16:00 GMT+1)

Shortlisting: February 2018

For further information and to submit an application, please visit the Medical Research Council. The Medical Research Council provides the most up to date list of deadlines, including interview and take up dates.

Research project grants - open call

Status: CLOSED - Coeliac UK will not be having an open Research Call in 2017

Funding available: TBC

Open date: TBC

Closing date: TBC

When open, researchers will be invited to submit applications to the Coeliac UK Research Call using the online registration form and emailing a completed grant application form and other accompanying documents to the Research Manager, Dr Heidi Urwin.

  • Research proposals will be reviewed for both relevance to the Charity’s research priorities and scientific excellence; only the best will be considered for funding.
  • All research funded by Coeliac UK must benefit people with coeliac disease and DH and if this is not realised in the short or medium term, the potential to make a difference with time must be demonstrated.
  • Only appropriately qualified individuals, as determined during the peer review process, may apply for research funding.
  • Applicants must be contracted to work in an appropriate institution which has the necessary networks to support education, training and professional development.
  • Applications from within the UK and overseas will be considered.
  • All research proposals must have a statement of originality; replication of work carried out elsewhere will not be accepted. However there may be exceptions eg where the same research question may have a different outcome depending on the cultural environment.
  • The Charity will consider exceptional proposals of novel research, not included within the scope of our strategy. Such proposals must demonstrate how the research will further the understanding of coeliac disease and DH and the potential to improve the lives of people living with the condition.
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