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Funding opportunities

Funding opportunities

We fund research and make significant contributions to the long term research agenda in understanding, diagnosing, managing and treating coeliac disease, so that one day, no one's life will be limited by gluten.

Our Research Strategy, 2018-2022, outlines our research priorities and the funding opportunities available.

Sponsored dissertations

We will provide small grants, to encourage undergraduates or postgraduates studying at UK institutions, including but not limited to nutrition, dietetics, immunology, food technology, epidemiology, public health, psychology or medicine, to focus on coeliac disease and the impacts of gluten in their project work.

The primary objective is to place coeliac disease and the gluten free diet on the research agenda of UK academic institutions, whilst commissioning research that underpins our research priorities.

Application forms will be reviewed by the Policy Research and Campaigns (PRC) team and our Member Review Panel. The final decision for funding will be made by the Charity’s Chief Executive Officer based on the advice of the PRC team.

For further detail, please refer to Information for applicants.

Status: CLOSED

Funding available: Five grants up to £1000 each

Open date: 17 September 2018

Closing date: 12 November 2018, 10:00 (GMT)


NEW Coeliac UK and Innovate UK jointly funded grants

Innovate logo 2
Status: CLOSED

Funding available: £750k; £500k from Innovate UK, £250k from Coeliac UK

Project costs can range from £50k to £250k:

  • Early stage feasibility; 6 - 12 months, up to £100k
  • Industrial research; 12 - 36 months, £50k - £250k
  • Experimental development; 6 - 18 months, £50k - £250k

Further information on funding rules is available on the Innovate UK website.

ResearchersPlease note a maximum of 30% of total eligible project costs are available to research participants, with the exception of early stage feasibility grant applications, where the maximum is 50% of total eligible costs.

Commercial organisations: The grant awarded towards the costs will need to meet the following conditions: 

At least 70% of total eligible project costs should be incurred by commercial organisations. You can recoup up to 70% of your costs depending on the size of your business and the type of project:

Applicant Business size Feasibility studies Industrial Research Experimental Development
Micro/Small 70% 70% 45%
Medium 60% 60% 35%
Large 50% 50% 25%

Maximum percentage of recoup of costs incurred by commercial organisation(s) for each project type

Closing date: 3 September 2018, 09:00 (GMT+1)

Coeliac UK in collaboration with Innovate UK are offering jointly funded grants to bring industry and researchers together to make improvements in three priority areas, for people living with coeliac disease:

  • Coeliac disease diagnostics
  • Enhanced quality of gluten free foods
  • Digitally supported self-care

Although there is a diagnosis pathway for coeliac disease with blood tests and an endoscopy with biopsy, it relies on a person continuing to eat gluten – the very thing that is making them ill. People are seeking alternative methods of diagnosis where ongoing ingestion of gluten is not necessary or where tests are less invasive than endoscopy and biopsy.

Over the last decade the variety and quality of gluten free products has vastly improved however they continue to be expensive and can have a poorer nutrient profile. There is an ongoing need for further innovation in gluten free staple foods, this could include; novel ingredients, foods with improved nutrient profiles and desired flavour texture characteristics, new methods of preservation, innovation in processing and manufacturing efficiency for lower cost options and technologies to improve shelf life.

Coeliac disease is a serious autoimmune condition which requires lifelong management. For some the condition may lend itself to supported self-care as the main means of management which provides a highly cost effective option for health management. The development of innovative digital tools and point of care testing could offer an optimum regime for self-care.

Further information can be found in the guidance for applicants, with section 3.6 dedicated to these grants. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a call to discuss, please complete this online form.

Innovate UK is the UK’s innovation agency. Its mission is to drive productivity and growth, to create skilled jobs and to increase exports. It has a strong track record of driving growth, working with companies to de-risk, enable and support innovation.


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