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Gluten Freevolution

Join the Gluten Freevolution!

Responding to changing consumer demands and producing great gluten free food can help your business grow. Over 90% of those on a gluten free diet eat out at least once a month, and of course they don't eat alone, we estimate that there are now over 1.3 million Britons or 3% of British adults following a gluten free diet.

Joining our Gluten Freevolution is an opportunity to attract new customers and get into this expanding market by making a small, but significant, change to your menu or product range. And if you've not tried providing gluten free before, there is lots of help and advice on offer from Coeliac UK to get you started.

How can your business or service get involved?

We’re asking food businesses and services to show their support by making a positive change to their menu or product range that will help deliver a Gluten Freevolution.  

Your business can get involved by becoming a campaign partner at any time during our campaign, which is launching on 8 May 2017 and will run until April 2018. We are taking enquiries now for those that want to get involved from the outset.  

As a campaign partner you will be able to:

  • highlight your support for our campaign to a growing gluten free customer base
  • build your reputation as a business that responds to consumer demands and supports those living gluten free
  • be recognised as a campaign partner by those visiting our campaign website
  • demonstrate your commitment by engaging with our social media audience

We have a range of campaign activities planned throughout 2017 to go along with the release of new guidance for food service businesses on going gluten free, but to make real and lasting change, we need your support.

Take up Coeliac UK GF accreditation

You can become a campaign partner by becoming an accredited venue during the campaign, you can do this by taking up Coeliac UK GF accreditation across your estate.

If your business is an individual catering establishment, you can take up the Coeliac UK GF accreditation at a special price of £350 (including auditing) if booked strictly from 1 to 31 May, in support of the launch of the Gluten Freevolution campaign. 

To find out more about our GF accreditation, download our accreditation information pack, call our commercial team on 01494 796727 or email us.

Campaign partnerships for restaurants, pubs, cafés and takeaways

Become a Gluten Freevolution partner by:

  • introducing two or more new menu items that are listed gluten free, meal options only
  • introducing a new category of gluten free menu eg gluten free kids menu or lunchtime menu
  • going completely gluten free for Awareness Week 8 - 14 May 2017
  • introducing a new gluten free menu, with ten or more meal options
  • training all staff using the Coeliac UK online training module by the end of 2017
  • reformulating a menu currently labelled 'no gluten containing ingredients' to 'gluten free'
  • introducing a gluten free beer onto your menu.

Campaign partnerships for retailers and producers

Become a Gluten Freevolution partner by:

  • removing gluten from a packaged product to make it suitable for people with coeliac disease
  • relaunching a product that currently is made from "no gluten containing ingredients" as “gluten free”
  • launching a new packaged or ready to eat product that is labelled “gluten free”
  • launching a new on the move meal option, eg sandwich, ready to eat meal that is labelled “gluten free”
  • making a 12 month commitment to the our Gluten free Guarantee (GfG) campaign

How do I get started?

Just have a look at the options above and think about what changes you'd like to make to start catering for those on a gluten free diet, their family and friends. Please then get in touch with details of your business or service and what you're planning to do to support the Gluten Freevolution.  

If none of the options above are quite right for you, of if you have alternative idea of how you can help please do get in touch with our campaigns team.  

Please email

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