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Research Strategy

Research Strategy

In 2012, we supported an Organisational Policy Analysis (OPA) to overview our research activities including funding research. The findings of the OPA have been used to develop our Research Strategy in collaboration with our Members, Health Advisory Council, Food Standards Committee and in conjunction with our Board of Governors.

The Research Strategy was also developed taking into account existing guidance and benchmarking against comparable organisations also involved in funding research.

The strategy provides a framework for our research activities for 2013-2016.

Research Strategy objectives

  • We will review allocation of research funding by the Charity to ensure that research supports the key evidence gaps in promoting improved healthcare and food options whilst achieving value for money.
  • We will extend our research portfolio and develop international research networks using links with European and global research partners such as the Association of European Coeliac Societies and Coeliac UK grant holders, to secure partnerships.
  • We will take a leading role in the creation of an international research fund which will fund research into a greater understanding of the diverse nature of the disease and effective management solutions.
  • We will continue to commit at least 5% of the Charity’s income to supporting research.
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