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Research Strategy

Research Strategy

We are currently reviewing our Research Strategy with the help of our Research Strategy Board.

Having raised £2M for research over the last decade or so we have now set ourselves an ambitious target to raise £5M for research in the next few years. Our new Research Strategy Board will bring the experience and expertise to help us spend money on research into coeliac disease and the gluten free diet as effectively as possible, guided by the new strategy.

The new Board will advise our Board of Governors on the best practice for reviewing and awarding research grants and any necessary policies relating to our Research Strategy, including intellectual property rights, data sharing and ethics.

We have also launched a Priority Setting Partnership, with the help of the James Lind Alliance, to identify the top ten research priorities in coeliac disease. The first survey went live in June this year and many thanks to all of you who submitted your unanswered questions about coeliac disease which may be answered by research to improve the lives of people living with the condition. For further information, please visit the Priority Setting Partnership.

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