Does this mean the printed publication has changed?

Yes, following feedback from our members, we've made it easier for you to find what you are looking for within the printed Food and Drink Guide and across our digital services. As our product information has grown we've needed to make changes to the printed edition. We simplified the contents with Section One listing prescription products and products containing our Crossed Grain Licence, and Section Two listing supermarkets own brands that are made without gluten containing ingredients. These changes reduce the number of monthly updates you will need to make to the printed version.

Within the Food and Drink Guide we've also improved out information on reading labels, ingredients checklist and understanding more complex foods and ingredients so you have more support information to hand for your gluten free diet. Plus we've included a new product offers section giving you money off coupons and more information on our symbol of safety so you can be more assured when looking for suitable options when when away from home. 

And don't forget you can contact our Helpline on 0333 332 2033 or email us on foodanddrink@coeliac.org.uk with any food query you may have. 

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