Will having coeliac disease affect my insurance policies?

Having coeliac disease does not necessarily mean that you need to pay more for insurance cover. When you contact insurance companies, you should make the following points clear:

  • coeliac disease is caused by an intolerance to gluten in products containing wheat, barley and rye
  • it is treated by keeping to a life long gluten free diet and does not require any medication
  • once following the gluten free diet, the individual returns to full health
  • if gluten is eaten accidentally, some symptoms may occur, but they are temporary and extremely unlikely to require any medical attention or hospitalisation
  • anaphylactic shock is not associated with coeliac disease.

You can check out insurance companies’ websites who offer specific packages for those who have coeliac disease, but also shop around. Your present insurance company should be able to help you with a sensible quote.

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