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Gluten FreevolutionOur Gluten Freevolution campaign aims to drive improvements in food for people with coeliac disease.

The number of people on a gluten free diet is on the rise and so is the demand for gluten free food when going out for a meal or grabbing something quick and easy.

We’re asking food businesses to support their gluten free customers and make sure there are safe choices for people with coeliac disease. And we’ve got the tools you need:

What is the issue?

For many people, maintaining a strict gluten free diet is essential for their health. Over 90% of people on a gluten free diet ate out in the last month, yet there are issues with the responsiveness of staff and food safety, with over 50% saying that the experience can be frustrating and 25% suspecting that they had been "glutened".

Understanding why people avoid gluten and what can happen if they accidentally eat gluten is important in grounding an understanding of gluten free food.

Cyril our duck, with the help of our fabulous patron, Caroline Quentin, is leading a Gluten Freevolution

Going gluten free is easier than you might think

A recent survey found that around 6% of customers mention gluten free or free from as a factor affecting choice of where or what to eat. The top three things that people on a gluten free diet are looking for are clearly labelled gluten free options, a good experience and a safety assurance scheme. Parents of children with coeliac disease are keen to see gluten free children's menus.

You might have been put off introducing gluten free dishes because you're worried about potential food safety risks or pitfalls, but it is not complicated, and there’s lots of help available. A good place to start is our new guidance for caterers and Coeliac UK training.

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Going gluten free is good for business

The gluten free market is growing rapidly, with the number of gluten free menu listings doubling in the last two years so now is the time to get on board. We've calculated that, by not catering for those on a gluten free diet, the UK hospitality industry is missing out on around £100 million each year.

And of course, birds of a feather flock together. It is usually the person on a gluten free diet who decides where their friends and family will eat so you can secure the whole table by catering for just one.

The free from market was valued at £470 million in 2015 and is forecast to grow to £673 million by 2020, representing annual double digits growth. You too can at build a new loyal gluten free customer base by providing a range of gluten free menu options, on a clearly labelled menu, at reasonable prices.
And to make sure your customers trust your offering, your staff should be knowledgeable and responsive to questions about your gluten free offer, particularly on how cross contamination is controlled in your kitchen. See our video for hints and tips to make sure you're making gluten free food.

Check out the sections on gaps in the gluten free market and catering gluten free for schools, hospitals and care homes.

Cyril's top ten tips for catering gluten free

If you've been producing gluten free dishes for a while, and would like to take the next step by having your venue accredited, please get in touch.

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Help us show the demand for gluten free

We have produced campaign materials, leaflet and videos to support our Gluten Freevolution to mobilise our supporters. If one of your customers gives you one of our leaflets or postcards, you know they want to eat with you. So getting on board with the Gluten Freevolution means you could secure their custom.

Go to our get involved pages to understand more.