Local groups and Member2Member volunteers

Share your experiences to help other members adjust to living gluten free, as a local group or Member2Member volunteer.

Local groups

Local group volunteers support their local gluten free community and help them find more gluten free options close to them. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in activities and events, meet new people and give back to your community!

Find out more in the videos below.

Cardiff local group volunteers, Abbey and Brachann discuss what their local group means to them.

Membership Team Leader Libby says thank you to our local group volunteers.


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Our Member2Member scheme connects volunteers with other members who are looking for advice and support from someone who has been in their shoes. It doesn’t matter where you live – we match our volunteers with members based on common interests and experiences – so if you think you could help someone feel less alone, and reassured, then get involved. Download our Member2Member leaflet here.

“Working on Coeliac UK’s Helpline, I speak to many newly diagnosed members needing that little extra support. Having our Member2Member volunteers on hand is such a valuable resource. It’s wonderful to hear the feedback we receive from members and know they’ve felt supported and we’ve made a difference.”

Shamaila, Membership Helpline Advisor

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