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Join volunteers from across the research and healthcare professions to help us ensure our information reflects the latest thinking in the management of coeliac disease and the gluten free diet.

Head of Health Policy, Ruth explains how your support can make a difference.


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Our special interest groups

Health Advisory Council

The Health Advisory Council (HAC) advises the Board of Governors on scientific and health issues helping to ensure that our information and advice remains expert and up to date. The Council comprises eminent health experts from across the UK.

Ieuan is a member of HAC and explains why he enjoys volunteering:



Health Advisory Network

We also take advice from a broader forum, our Health Advisory Network (HAN). This includes professionals from a range of healthcare backgrounds, who champion our cause in their fields.

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Food Standards Committee

The Food Standards Committee advises the Board of Governors on food legislation and technical issues to ensure that the Charity’s food information and standards are up to date. The Committee includes experts from the food industry with relevant experience in research, policy development, regulatory affairs and legislation, including representatives from the manufacturing, retailing and catering industries.

“I was delighted to join Coeliac UK’s Food Standards Committee as a volunteer. The group are from a range of disciplines and expertise that ensure that Coeliac UK bases decisions on scientific rigour, industry best practice as well as pragmatism. I have seen a real commitment from Coeliac UK to be a progressive organisation that welcomes views from outside and ensures they keep their members at the heart of what they are trying to achieve.”

Barbara, Food Standards Committee Member

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Member Review Panel

We share grant applications from researchers with our Member Review Panel, made up of people with coeliac disease, family members and carers, and by involving them in our decision making process, we ensure the research we fund benefits those who need it most.

“We are very grateful to members who volunteer to be a part of the Member Review Panel and provide feedback on potential research projects. Our member’s support is a valuable part to the decision making process and can have a big impact on what research we fund.”

Alice Andrews, Research Officer

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Research strategy board

Professor Alan Perkins is Chair of Coeliac UK's Research Strategy Board, which advises our Board of Governors on the best practice for reviewing and awarding research grants and any necessary policies relating to our Research Strategy, including intellectual property rights, data sharing and ethics. You can read more about this in his latest blog.

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