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Coeliac UK's Member2Member peer support service taps into the knowledge of members who have experience of living gluten free, offering those new to the diet an extra level of one to one support.

We link members by experiences rather than geography, through conversations over the phone or email, so members can share their stories, learn from each other, pick up tips and recommendations and potentially make a new friend.

Who can take part?

Member2Member is open to all members of Coeliac UK including parents and carers of children or people with dermatitis herpetiformis (DH).

I feel we really benefited from being in contact as we were able to talk very specifically about the challenges around having coeliac children.  
I really enjoy being part of the M2M Scheme.

Looking for somebody to talk to?

If you are recently diagnosed and would like to speak to somebody else with the condition, or if you are supporting your child through their diagnosis and adjustment to a gluten free diet, Member2Member would be perfect for you. From the comfort of your own home you can be connected with our established and experienced members who offer a listening ear, kind word and support for as little or as long as you need it. 

To apply please complete our online form or email a completed application form to

I found this programme to be so helpful. I would certainly recommend or help others who are just starting out.  
I did contact our mentor a couple of times about specific queries and she was fantastic - really helpful and supportive.
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