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Your friends and family

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If your friends are having a birthday party you might need to take your own special bag of yummy @gluten-free food@ with you. Ask your Mum or Dad to talk to your friends parents to make sure they understand that you have a special tummy. 

Why not take along some of your special food for your friends to try? Just make sure it doesn’t get mixed up with any other food or you could end up feeling poorly. A lot of restaurants are now able to provide the gluten-free food that you need, just get your Mum or Dad to check that there is something you can eat first.

Going out with family

Sometimes when you go out to eat with your family, your parents will check everything before you eat it. It may seem like they are making a bit of a fuss but sometimes if they didn’t ask questions, you might get poorly.

Away from home

If you’re planning at staying at a friend’s house for the night there are some thing you need to do:

  • your parents should let your friends parents know that you have coeliac disease and cannot eat certain foods.
  • you may need to take your own bread or cereal for breakfast. If you would like toast make sure you take a toaster bag with you so you can use their toaster.
  • it is important that you do not swap foods with your friends as they may make you unwell.
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