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Food shopping

Food shopping

If you have coeliac disease and need to follow a gluten free diet, it’s important that you know what you can and can’t eat when you are shopping for food. Once you are aware of what to look out for, you can become a confident shopper and can effectively manage your diet and condition.

We can help you choose safe foods and support you as you learn about the gluten free diet

  • Learning what to look out for on food labels is really important. We can help you find out what is suitable for you.
  • We have two video guides that walk you through reading food labels and common myths so you can shop with confidence.
  • Our Food and Drink Guide which lists thousands of foods you can eat.
  • Look out for our Crossed Grain symbol. This symbol is used by some manufacturers to highlight that a product is gluten free or very low gluten.
  • Check out your local supermarkets and the internet for gluten-free products and information to help you shop. Many supermarkets now stock a range of specialist gluten free foods and the range of available products has increased significantly over the last few years. 
  • Some supermarkets also produce lists of gluten free foods on their websites or you can ask for them in store. Products may be kept in a specialist free from aisle, placed among other foods, or sometimes even both – so allow yourself time to investigate.

Coeliac UK has been working with supermarkets to increase availability of gluten free food in stores to reduce the number of shops you may need to visit just to get staple items. The Gluten-free Guarantee is a commitment by supermarkets to having eight core items in stock across all their stores. These eight gluten free staple items are: white bread, pasta, cereal, flour, cereal bars, rolls, crackers and one other bread (brown or seeded). See which supermarkets have signed up to the GFG or are working towards it.


If you are unsure about a particular food when you’re out shopping, you can call our Helpline on 0333 332 2033 to speak to our team of dietitians and Helpline advisers.

Our Helpline is an important part of the support we provide for our members and those people in the process of being diagnosed. Our expert team of dietitians and advisers offer information and support on a range of subjects.

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