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Food and Drink Guide updates

After the publication of our annual Food and Drink Guide, we publish monthly updates of the latest safe foods. The deletions below are foods which are no longer suitable or products that have been discontinued. The additions are new foods that you can eat. 

For the most up to date product information, use our Food and Drink Information or our app - Gluten free Food Checker.  



Page 32 - Dairy & Dairy Alternatives - Yoghurts & Fromage Frais - Freaks of Nature - Thick & Creamy
Blueberry Yoghurt 120g
Strawberry Yoghurt 120g

Page 34 - Drinks - Alcoholic Drinks – Jubel
Elderflower - Urban Lager 330ml
Peach - Alpine Lager 330ml

Page 37 - Kitchen Cupboard - Home Baking - Freee
Chocolate Brownie Mix 350g
Chocolate Chip cookie mix 350g
Pancake mix 300g

Page 46 - Pasta & Noodles – Bioagros
Lentils Fusilli 225g
Lentils Conchiglie 225g

Page 57 - Snacks - Cereal & Fruit Bars - Nairn's - Oat Bar
Apple & Cinnamon 45g, 180g †
Cacao & Orange 45g, 180g †
Mixed Seeds & Protein 45g, 180g †

Page 59 - Snacks - Savoury Snacks - Aldi – The Foodie Market
Bites Multipack Snacks (Lentil Sea Salt, Chickpea Tomato Basil, Quinoa Sour Cream) 20g
Lentil Bites Sea Salt 135g
Tomato & Basil Chickpea Bites 135g

Page 59 - Snacks - Savoury Snacks - Aldi - Snackrite
Brown Rice & Kale Pop Outs Salt & Vinegar 23g
Brown Rice & Kale Pop Outs Sour cream & Chilli 23g

Page 61 - Snacks - Sweet Snacks – Costa
Flapjack 58g †
Raspberry & Coconut 62g †


Page 16 - Breakfast Cereals - Nairn's - Gluten Free
Scottish Porridge Oats 500g † 
(PIP 368-7332)

Page 32 - Desserts - Freaks of Nature
Strawberry Blonde (Strawberry Style Cheesecake) 90g †

Page 36 - Kitchen Cupboard - Home Baking - Bakels - Gluten-Free
White Bread Complete Mix 300g †

Page 39 - Kitchen Cupboard - Stock & Gravy - Schwartz - Gluten Free
Roast Beef Gravy 27g

Page 48 - Ready Meals, Pre Prepared Products and Side Dishes - Breaded Chicken and Fish Products - Georgia's Choice
2 Gluten Free Fishcakes 180g
Chicken Bites 300g

Page 50 - Ready Meals, Pre Prepared Products and Side Dishes - Mexican Ready Meals - Georgia's Choice
2 Mexican Bean Bakes 230g

Deletions – Online/App

Desserts - Angel Delight
Bubblegum Flavour 59g
Butterscotch Flavour 47g
Chocolate Flavour 47g
Banana Flavour 59g
Raspberry Flavour 59g
Banana Flavour 600g
Butterscotch Flavour 600g
Chocolate Flavour 600g
Strawberry Flavour 600g
Raspberry Flavour 600g
Chocolate Cloud Flavour 70g
Banana Flavour Dessert Pot 70g
Butterscotch Flavour Dessert Pot 70g
Butterscotch Flavour Dessert Tub 177g
Strawberry Flavour Dessert Pot 70g
Strawberry Flavour Dessert Tub 177g
Butterscotch Flavour Whip 70g
Strawberry Flavour Whip 70g
(No Longer Suitable)


If your membership is up to date you should have received your 2019 Food and Drink Guide by the end of the month.

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