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If you have difficulty with your prescription

We feel strongly that the prescription of gluten free staple foods is an essential NHS service that should be available to all people with clinically diagnosed coeliac disease.

If you are having difficulty accessing gluten free staple foods on prescription

  • Take a copy of the National Prescribing Guidelines and Prescribable Products List to your GP, you can discuss with them which gluten free staple foods are available to you. Speak to your GP to understand more about their decision making.

  • You could also speak with your local dietitian, as your dietitian is the best person to advise you on individual nutritional requirements, especially if you're finding it difficult to follow the gluten free diet.

  • You may live in an area where the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) has issued a restrictive gluten free prescribing policy. This may have resulted in changes to your usual prescription. Use our gluten free prescribing map to check the latest information we have on gluten free prescribing. From our communications with CCGs we have found that gluten free prescribing varies across the country and not all prescribable gluten free staple food will be available in all areas.

  • If you live in an area where the CCG has stopped gluten free prescription services, or is consulting on proposals to stop prescribing, please visit our campaigning page for further information and advice.

Stay in touch

If you are affected by the prescribing policy implemented in your area, get in touch with us highlighting your concerns. Your views are important to us and can be used in our correspondence with the local Clinical Commissioning Group.

The NHS complaints procedure

Help our campaign and make your voice heard through the NHS complaints procedure which recommends:

  • Complain to the service provider first - this will be to your GP practice. GP practices have a complaints procedure, so speak to the practice manager and complain in writing.
  • If you are still unhappy, you may want to contact your CCG.
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