Food and Drink Guide Updates

After the publication of our annual Food and Drink Guide, we publish monthly updates of the latest safe foods. The deletions below are foods which are no longer suitable or products that have been discontinued. The additions are new foods that you can eat. 

For the most up to date product information, use our Food and Drink Information or our app - Gluten Free Food Checker.  Previous Food and Drink Guide updates can be found attached to this page. 

August 2019

Crackers, Crispbreads & Breadsticks

Sigdal Bakeri (page 22)
Gluten Free Crispbread with Oats 235g † 
Gluten Free Quinoa 235g † 
Norwegian Wholegrain Cripsbread 190g † 

Pies & Tarts 

Made Marion Gluten Free (page 24)
Mince Pies 420g ∆ 

Alcoholic Drinks

Bath Ales (page 34)
Wild Hare 500ml 

Kitchen Cupboard 
Stuffing Mixes

Aldi (page 39)
12 Pork Stuffing Balls 350g 
12 Pork, Sage & Onion Stuffing Balls 350g 

Pasta & Noodles 

Aldi - Inspired Cuisine (page 46)
Folded Brown Rice Noodles 200g 
Folded Rice Noodles 200g 
Vermicelli Rice Noodles 200g 

Ready Meals, Pre Prepared Products & Sides 
Burgers, Kebabs and Meatballs

Heck! (page 49) 
Ultimate Vegan Burger 255g 

Italian Ready Meals

Mr Organic (page 49)
Italian Organic Gnocchi 350g 

Ready Set Cook (page 49)
Beef and Pork Italian Style Meatball Kit 500g 

Sausages and Sausagemeat

Ashfield Farm (page 53)
12 Scorpian Chilli Pigs in Blankets 240g 
12 Chilli Chubbies 540g 
Pork Bangers Plain 400g 

Butcher's Selection (page 53)
20 Pork Cocktail Sausages 340g 

Specially Selected
12 Hickory BBQ Mini Pork Sausages 400g 
12 Mini Moroccan Style Sausages 400g 
6 British Pork & Fiery Habanero Sausages 400g 
6 Pork & Red Leicester Sausages 400g 
Mexican Chili , Lime & Coriander Sausages 400g 
Pork sausages - Coarsely chopped pork seasoned with spices and sage 667g 


Seabrook (page 59)
Sea Salt & Vinegar Crinkle Cut Crisp 25g 
Chilli & Lemon 150g 
Pickled Onion Flavour Crinkle Cut Crisps 25g 

Savoury Snacks

Aldi (page 59)
Sea Salt & Vinegar Mixed Vegetable Pop Outs 100g 


All products have been discontinued unless otherwise stated.

Breakfast Cereals

Co-op (page 67)
Corn Flakes 750g
Frosted Flakes 500g

Cereal & Fruit Bars

9BAR (page 57)
Carob Hit
Original 40g
Original 50g

Original Lift
Pumpkin 40g
Pumpkin 50g
Peanut 40g
Peanut 50g

Cocoa Kick
Coconut 40g
Raspberry 40g

Ready Meals, Pre Prepared Products and Side Dishes
Meat Ready Meals

Aldi - Ashfield Farm (page 49)
Lamb Grillsteaks with Rosemary 340g

Burgers, Kebabs and Meatballs

Aldi - Butchers Selection 
Irish Quick Fry Beef Burgers 800g

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