Membership of Coeliac UK

We know what it takes to live gluten free and every day we help over 100,000 people manage their diet.

By joining us and becoming a member, you get access to:

  • Helpline dietitians
  • gluten free product news
  • award winning apps to help you shop and eat out
  • Live Well Gluten Free magazine
  • recipes
  • travel guides
  • exclusive offers and discounts
  • and much more!

Wherever you are in your gluten free journey, our community is the place to be. We can help you make safe food choices more easily and connect with other people just like you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it worth me renewing my membership with Coeliac UK?

Yes, together we continue to make a difference so no one’s life is limited by gluten. Our resources will help you with every aspect of your gluten free life and we have exciting plans for 2020. You will still get:

  • Our essential Food Information Service listing over 150,000 gluten free and mainstream, products, updated daily
  • An award winning Gluten Free Food Checker app to scan and check food as you shop
  • Over 3,000 gluten free accredited venues and thousands of recommendations on our online Venue Guide and Gluten Free on the Move app
  • Over 1,000 recipes for every occasion in our Home of Gluten Free Recipes
  • Travel tips to keep you safe in our travel guides
  • Over £250 worth of exclusive food, drink  product offers each year, straight to your inbox
  • Support and events through our local groups near you
  • One to one support through our Member2Member scheme, ideal for parents or newly diagnosed
  • Our flagship magazine Live Well Gluten Free keeping you up to date on all things gluten free
  • And much more!

Why are you putting up the membership fee?

Charities operate in an increasingly digital world and printing and postage costs have negatively impacted the entire sector. We have been trying to absorb these increased costs by using other sources of charity income to deliver the membership scheme and by limiting other areas of work. However, this isn’t a sustainable approach and if we want to  keep on driving change and improvements for people living gluten free, we have no other choice but to slightly increase fees.

Have you tried to keep the membership fee the same?

Yes, Membership fees have been the same for five years and this is only the second fee increase in 11 years. We need to safeguard the membership scheme so we can cover the cost of providing the services. To do this, we carried out financial modelling and made sure that we validated our thinking by looking at the membership fees set by other charities. We’re pleased to say that we’re still one of the most generous, even with the fee increase.

Why has the concessionary fee changed?

Currently, for every new concessionary member, we lose £7 providing them their membership services. We have tried to keep the fee increase for existing members to a minimum, and for new concessionary members, the new pricing structure is more in line with other charities.