Gluten Free on the Move Find gluten free food while out and about

Managing your gluten free diet while out and about can be a challenge as our increasingly busy lifestyles mean we're doing more on the hop. Our smartphone app, Gluten Free on the Move, aims to help make eating out easier for you.

Choose from over 7,500 venues, using the reviews and ratings from our vibrant gluten free community and search for our GF accredited venues so you know which places have gone that extra mile and used our expertise in all things gluten free to make their gluten free food and practices even better.

The app for iOS devices is available in the App Store and for Android devices in the Google Play Store.

Who can use the app?

The app is part of the membership offering so you must be a member of the charity to access the app’s services. Once downloaded you'll need to log in (using the same login credentials you do for our website and Gluten Free Food Checker app).

The app works on the following phones:

  • iPhone 4 and above
  • Android smartphones that can download apps – for example Samsung Galaxy.

Using the app on an iPad, iPad mini, iPod

As the app is developed for iPhone it will work on an iPad but there may be issues with formatting so we’d recommend viewing the Venue Guide on our website via Safari on your iPad.

Other smartphones

Developing the app for each device requires additional investment. We have chosen to develop the app for the iPhone and Android phones because our membership surveys indicate that these devices are the most commonly used. However, as with all technology, the situation is constantly changing and we will be monitoring trends to assess when investment in new platforms for the app is justified.

Getting started

  • Make sure your phone has internet access through WiFi, 4G or 3G
  • On your phone, visit the App Store (if you have an iPhone) or the Google Play Store (if you have an Android phone) and search for ‘Gluten free on the move’
  • Download and install the app
  • Once downloaded, open the app and enter the same login details as your Coeliac UK website account. If you have not yet created login details for our website, you may need to activate your account.

Hints and tips

  • You need to be connected to the Internet via WiFi, 4G or 3G when searching the app
  • The first time you access the app it will download the most recent venue listings. This will only take a few moments to complete and you can view the other content in the meantime, such as our eating out tips and living gluten free information.
  • Internet connection is needed for app updates, so try to do the updates on your phone when you’re connected to WiFi for optimum performance. The same goes for submitting a venue recommendation and sending us an email via the app.

Push notifications

Push notifications will be used to provide you with important updates so it's really useful for you to have these allowed for the app. You can find out more about these notifications and how to switch them on in the FAQs below.


Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the app?

The app is free as part of your membership package.

I have an iPad, will the app work on that?

Sadly tablet and phone apps are not the same and our app is for phones.  But if you have access to the internet on your tablet then they will be able to access our Venue Guide on our main website instead that renders to the screen size of tablets

What phones will the app work on?

The app is compatible with iPhone 4 and above and Android smartphones that can download apps.

What will the app do?

The app is design to make eating out easier for you. Once you log in to the app, you'll then be able to see our hints and tips for eating out and travelling gluten free as well as useful information about the gluten free diet. You'll also be able to search from thousands of recommended venue to find suitable place to eat. The app allows you to search for venues that can cater for the gluten free diet, as recommended by our members and those that hold our GF accreditation, using your phone’s location services. The app also synchronises with your website account and you can view and manage your favourite venues for future quick reference purposes.

Can I get the app on any other smartphone devices?

iPhone and Android phones are by far the most popular so we have created the app for these devices. Developing the app for each device requires additional investment. However, as with all technology, the situation is constantly changing and we will be monitoring trends to assess when investment in new platforms for the app is justified.

I can’t find the app in the stores?

Our app can only be found on in the App Store and Google Play Store. Search for the app by typing in ‘Gluten free on the Move’ or 'Coeliac UK' and you should find it; alternatively you can browse through the Lifestyle Category on the stores to locate it.

If you are still having problems then get in touch.

I can’t login.

Have you activated your account?

You need to activate your account to generate your login details to access the Member area of the website and your app.

If you’ve already activated...

...then you login with the email address you have given us and the password you created. This will be a minimum of eight characters, at least one will be a capital letter and it will include a number. Please double the check the details you are trying to login with.

If you have forgotten your password you can reset it here.

If your membership has lapsed then you will not be able to login to the app. You can renew easily online by logging to our website and following the steps to renew your membership. Once you’ve renewed you will be able to login to the app.

If you have tried all of the above and it still doesn’t work email us or call us on 0333 332 2033.

Why can't I install the app?

Our app works on:

  • iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6s
  • Android smartphones that can download apps – for example Samsung Galaxy. 

You need a good internet signal to download the app through wireless or 3G. Check you have internet access.

The Coeliac UK app was developed to be used by as many of our Members as possible and to be suitable for most mobile devices. However, the breadth of technologies means that 100% compatibility across all devices was just not possible.

We are committed to helping our Members get access to information and services to help them manage their condition, and we will continue to deliver improvements where possible.

Can I and another family member both download the app and use the same login details?

The app can be downloaded onto different devices and use the same login. It is up to the member who they decide to share their login details with as these will be the same ones linked to their website account which will hold some personal details.

Why do I just see blue when I open up the map?

Are your location services on? If this setting is switched to off the app will not know where you are located and will default to a random world location. Expand your search location to find where in the world you are and move to the UK. Alternatively search for the town, city or area you are looking for.

I sent you details of a venue and it isn’t shown here?

New recommendations are added to the Guide automatically but we do have a process in place to check the venue details and it may be that we had to de-list the venue. Let us know the venue details as we can check why this might be the case.

There are no venues showing on my map?

The Venue Guide is set to locate where you are and search an area within a set distance of your location. Try expanding your search area to find venues. To download venue details you need to be connected to the internet.

How do I submit a new venue?

On the bottom right hand corner of the map, click on the button that looks like a pin with a plus sign on it. You can submit details of your favourite places and we will get these added to our database.

How do I save a venue to My Favourites?

Tap on the location pin for the venue you want to add and it will take you to the details page for that venue. One of the buttons says "Add to My Favourites", click here to add to your online account and revisit later. 

When I press ‘Take me there’ I’m taken out of the app.

Unfortunately iPhone apps do not fully integrate Google Maps but use their capability which means that Google Maps will open separately to provide directions. If you go back to your homepage screen and tap our app icon you will go back to the page that you left the app from.

Which Apple software does the app work on?

The Coeliac UK app will work on both of the Apple supported iOS versions 7, 8 and 9.

What are push notifications?

Push notifications are simple messages from apps installed on a device that wake up the handset and alert the user with a message displayed on the home or lock screen, similar to how a text message will make a sound and pop up on your screen.

Push notifications are widely used on all mobile devices as a way to inform or update the user about various things, whether it be the mail application beeping as a new message arrives in the users inbox or breaking news from a news app.

How do I turn on push notifications for the app?

Apple devices

Go to Settings > Notifications
Tap Coeliac UK to see the notification options
Make sure 'Allow notifications' is on (highlighted green)


Go to Settings > Apps
Tap on Coeliac UK
Make sure the ‘Show notifications’ box is ticked