Orange and Almond cake (from Lynda Seaton).

2 large oranges

6 eggs

8oz/250g ground almonds

8oz/250gcaster sugar

1 level tsp. baking powder

Wash and boil the whole unpeeled oranges in some water for 2 hours, or until they are very tender

Drain and cool. Remove pips and blitz the fruit to a pulp (or push through a sieve)

Set the oven to 190c/375/gas 5 and line an 8.5 inch/20cm spring-form cake tin

Beat the eggs in large bowl and fold in all the other ingredients including the oranges

Pour into tin and bake for an hour, if it still feels very wobbly, give more time checking at 10 minute intervals. Allow to cool completely before turning out. Bon appetite.


5 Minute Chocolate Mug Cake (from Michael Kennett)

Prep: 10 mins | Cook: 3 mins. Serves: 1 or 2


4 tablespoons flour                                                2 tablespoons sugar

2 tablespoons cocoa                                              1 egg

3 tablespoons milk                                                 3 tablespoons oil (or butter)

¼ teaspoon vanilla (or peppermint) extract (optional)

1 tablespoon choc chips (optional)

1 large mug,  small bowl or pudding basin

Preparation method:

1. Add dry ingredients to the mug, and mix well.

2. Crack an egg and add it to your mug. Be sure to mix it well to avoid any pockets of flour in the corners. Pour in the milk and oil and mix well. Add the vanilla extract if used

3. Pop your mug into the microwave & zap for 3 minutes on maximum power (1000watt). Wait until the cake stops rising, and sets in the mug.

4. If necessary, run a knife around the sides of the mug, and tip the still warm cake out of the mug and onto a saucer.



Chocolate slab cake (from Joan Jones).

8 oz gluten-free (G-F) flour

6oz margarine.
6oz castor sugar.
3 tbsp G-F Drinking choc, (or G-F cocoa if you like a darker cake).
2 tsp G-F baking powder.
3 eggs.
3 tbsp milk.
3 tbsp of very hot water.
Combine all ingredients in electric mixer adding the water last. Pour batter into greased and lined baking tin (8-9 inch square). Cook at 180c or gas Mark 4 for about 45 mins. Cut into squares when cold. Could be iced for a special occasion.



Rosemary Matthews passes on this successful recipe for Dumplings:

7oz of Gluten Free flour

2 heaped teaspoon GF baking powder

3oz of grated lard, although Rosemary used 3 oz Flora it worked equally well

Chopped parsley and salt and pepper

Enough water to make a nice dumpling dough.  Cook on/in your stew for about 20 minutes


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