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Previous research

  • Coeliac UK is committed to funding and supporting research and has been for many years.

Find out more about out previous projects, the outcomes of which have been used to underpin our service developments and policy positions, as well as supporting the wider long term research agenda in understanding coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis (DH).

We have supported many projects and since 2005 we have contributed around £2 million across a range of research areas:

Underpinning research

Research that underpins investigations into the cause, development, detection, treatment and management of coeliac disease and DH.

Comprehensive gluten T-cell epitope mapping in coeliac disease, Professor Bob Anderson


Identification of determinants that are involved in the cause, risk or development of coeliac disease and DH.

To determine heritable germline genetic variants pre-disposing to coeliac disease, Professor David Van Heel

Unravelling innate and adaptive immune responses to gluten in coeliac disease, Professor Sonia Quaratino

Identifying rare large effect size genetic variants predisposing to coeliac disease, Professor David van Heel

Prevention of disease and promotion of wellbeing

Research aimed at the primary prevention of disease, conditions or ill health or promotion of wellbeing.

Psychological and social factors associated with coeliac disease: a UK based study, Dr Ruth Howard

Detection, screening and diagnosis

Discovery and development of diagnostic, prognostic and predictive markers and technologies.

Pre-endoscopy serological testing for coeliac disease – a novel approach using rapid antibody testing, Professor Dave Sander

Transglutaminase 6 autoantibodies: a novel diagnostic marker for neurological manifestations of gluten sensitivity, Professor Daniel Aeschlimann

Development of treatments

Discovery and development of treatments, in addition to the gluten-free diet, in preclinical settings. We have supported researchers working in this area by providing advice and facilitating a survey of Members for their views on the acceptability of enzyme technology.

Evaluation of treatments

Testing and evaluation of treatments in clinical, community or applied settings.

Investigations of the morbidity, mortality and effect of treatment in coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis, Dr Nina Lewis

Management of coeliac disease and DH

Research into the individual care needs and management of the disease and associated conditions.

What is the occurrence and consequence of clinically diagnosed coeliac disease and dermatitis herpetiformis in the UK today? Professor Joe West

Resource use and costs associated with coeliac disease before and after diagnosis: a case control study, Professor Alistair Gray

The role of cytokines and iron in the long term management of coeliac disease, Dr T Iqbal and Dr C Tselepsis

Health and social care services research

Research into the provision and delivery of health and social care services and health policy. We have provided local healthcare teams with available evidence to support the role of the dietitian in delivery of post diagnosis care and education in coeliac disease.  

The gluten-free diet

Including but not limited to the investigation of ingredients, preparation, nutritional composition, access, cost and availability of foods to support a gluten-free diet. 

Catering research: preparation of gluten-free food in a kitchen where wheat flour is being used simultaneously, Coeliac UK

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